Fridge Clean out

Every now and again we have those meals where I just throw every little bit of leftovers I’ve been hoarding for the last few days into a pan and call it dinner. That is what I did tonight. While most of the leftovers were from last night’s dinner there were a few other stragglers in there from earlier in the week. When I store leftovers in the fridge I try to store as much as possible in its own containers that way it is easier to “mix and match”. While I did have some of the pasta dish leftover from last night I also had some squash and chicken sausage that I did not mix with pasta which I chose to use tonight, with a few additions.

I added a small container of black beans that I had in the fridge leftover from a meal we had late last week, and some very thinly sliced apples. While I found the combination of flavors delicious, I did learn that meat and fruit just don’t make sense to some people. I can’t complain, I got to eat all of my husbands warm apples on my portion . I served it with a side of Kale and onions. Our new favorite dish is sauteed onions, bacon, Kale and vinegar. It’s my go-to because I know that Andrew will actually eat Kale if there is bacon in it 🙂 Though I have to say if I was just serving this for myself I probably would have left out the bacon and served this delicious hash of sorts over some sauteed spinach or kale as a warm salad.

Fall Harvest “Hash”

1/4 cup Leftover roasted squash

1/4 cup Black Beans

1 Thinly sliced apple

1 cup leftover crumbled chicken sausage

1 tsp French Tarragon


Throw is all ingredients except the apple in a pan to heat through, add apples once everything is heated through and toss to slightly warm apples. Serve alone or over sauteed greens.

Kale and Bacon

1/2 onion

2 strips of bacon

2 large handfuls of Kale

Splash of water

Splash of vinegar


Heat a large skillet to medium, thinly slice bacon and add to the pan. Cook almost fully then add onion. Cook until the onion is almost transparent. Add Kale and fully coat with the fat in the pan, quickly add 1/8 cup water and let simmer. Once most of the water is absorbed add a splash of vinegar (this step can be omitted if you desire, Andrew just loves vinegar on his greens). Let the vinegar nearly cook off and serve.

While these sorts of meals might not be the prettiest, this one was pretty tasty! I’m looking forward to the very small container of the “hash” that is leftover as a salad topping for lunch tomorrow!

What is a favorite meal that you’ve made from the depths of you refrigerator?

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