Putting it all together

So what did I do with all those leftovers from yesterday?


I simply recreated them for lunch! This would be an excellent breakfast as well, but since I ate breakfast on the run and had arrived back home at 11am famished, I decided to throw together a sort of brunch. I added a few new ingredients like sauteed spinach, eggs, and cheese. These are things that I always have on hand, spinach and eggs are a weekly purchase at the grocery store for this family!

I poured some egg substitute into a pan and scrambled it, while in another small pan I sauteed spinach in olive oil. Once the spinach was wilted I added a sliced up beet.  When the eggs were just about cooked through I added the spinach and beets. I quickly added a piece of provolone cheese  to melt on top. While the cheese was melting I cut up a few potatoes from last nights dinner and threw them in the pan with some fresh ground pepper  and let them get a little crispy.

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner this is an excellent meal! And just so you know, beets and provolone cheese is an excellent combination, just try it!

Do you like breakfast for dinner (or lunch)?

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