Life Happens

Well, I didn’t mean to leave this blog just sit for the past 2 years, but life just kind of happened. New jobs happened, a new home happened, new pets happened, and a whole lot of other new things happened. I originally began this blog to keep me busy while searching for jobs post college, but a lot changed when I finally found said job. Along with our new house we have taken on tons of projects inside and out, that have filled most of our time. Projects continue and life continues to be an adventure each and everyday (especially this time of year), but  I can finally say we are settled or at least as settled as I think we’ll be for awhile. I miss this little corner of the internet to share recipes, projects, and other fun tidbits so I’m back for another go around.


I think more than ever we are focused on eating homemade and local foods. This past summer we planted a huge garden and several fruit trees from which we were able to can, freeze, and do a ton of freezer cooking to last us almost all year. I want to share not only recipes but also the experience of planting a garden, preserving the goods, and using the goods to feed our family all year round. In addition to gardening, we make a lot of our food from scratch at home using as much natural and local foods as possible. We also started raising chickens for the first time this year, mostly for eggs but also a few for meat. It has truly been a fun experience and I can’t wait to share more with you all. I want everyone to know that it isn’t hard and it doesn’t have to necessarily be time consuming either to eat good wholesome foods. My hope is that you will enjoy our recipes, step by step instructions, gardening, and home improvement projects as they come and that you will join me on this new adventure on our little farm.



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