The Kitchen

Does anyone else have a place they go or a thing they do throughout their day that just keeps moving them forward, that recharges them for whatever the day may bring? Aside from being on a luxurious vacation or actually going somewhere, being in the kitchen for me is like therapy. At the end of the day to stand in front of the stove while I cook dinner is one of my favorite parts of the evening. If we have been really busy and I haven’t had time to batch cook on the weekends or bake I can feel it.  Sometimes I just NEED to be in the kitchen, I just CRAVE creating something simply delicious. The kitchen is where I recharge.

Watching the olive oil in the pan heat, chopping vegetables, watching everything soften and come together as the fragrance of dinner fills the air.  The flavors and smells of a meal coming together, a little of this and a little of that, it soothes me. Sometimes I have a long day and just come home and throw a dinner together in desperation, but not if I can help it. I think meal planning is what allows me to do this during the week so well. If come home and have no idea what to make, then it is not always as an enjoyable experience. Even just having a slight idea helps.


Might I let you in on a little secret, the best way to spend time if you really don’t feel like watching the pot boil, turn on some tunes and just dance. Honestly. Before my husband comes home and I’m cooking dinner is often a dance party in the kitchen. The kittens just hate when I try to get them involved in these dance parties. If I’m not picking them up and dancing around with them (swaying really, I can’t dance). They are sitting in the kitchen staring at me. I am totally going to be THAT mom. You know, the one that dances around when her favorite oldies song comes on. Anyone else have one of those? Yea, my mom was mortifying as a teenager. Windows down, oldies blaring, and she is rocking out at the steering wheel. WHILE I had friends in the car. Looking back, its a funny memory but as a teenager it was the worst.


I’ve been reading a fabulous book called Cold Tangerines By Shauna Niequist. It really got me thinking about the need that we have to create, to make something beautiful, to express ourselves. While I’ve never thought of myself as a creative person I have always been told that I have the ability to create wonderful and unique things in the kitchen. I got to thinking, the kitchen is where I create, my creative outlet and recharge zone. Just like writing, or gardening, or any other hobby might do it for someone else. As we create we recharge and reconnect to our souls and to our true selves.


What recharges and connects you?

Homemade Tortillas

Based off this recipe

3 cups all purpose flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1/3 cup canola oil

1 cup warm water

Directions: Mix dough in kitchen aid mixer with dough hook on medium speed. First mixing flour, baking powder, and salt. Slowly add oil and water. Let dough come together until it is no longer sticking to the bowl and forms a smooth ball. Divide into 12 balls and let set for 10 minutes. Heat a cast iron skillet (or regular skillet) to medium heat. Roll balls out flat adding flour as necessary.  Add small amount of oil to pan. Place first dough round into pan and cook 30 seconds or until bubble form. Flip once bubble form and the side is slightly brown. Cook until bubbles form again and remove from heat. Continue cooking additional tortillas. Adding oil as needed. If you do not add enough oil they may be hard to bend in half.


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